Event Stream Processing (ESP) with Oracle Stream Analytics

Transforming Real-Time Data into Actionable Insights

Event stream processing (ESP) is at the forefront of modern business systems, allowing for the continuous analysis and action on streaming data. Oracle Stream Analytics takes this concept to the next level, providing a robust platform for real-time information processing.

Sophisticated Real-Time Analysis

Oracle Stream Analytics empowers businesses to process and analyze large-scale real-time information using sophisticated correlation patterns, enrichment, and machine learning. 

Custom Operational Dashboards

Create custom operational dashboards that provide real-time monitoring, transform streaming data, or raise alerts based on stream analysis. 

Streamlined Event Streams and References

Define Event Streams and References with simplicity. Oracle Stream Analytics offers live real-time streaming data and perform intuitive in-memory real-time business analytics.

Graphical Representations and Actions

Visualize tabular streaming information graphically and take actions based on analysis. Push downstream to various event sinks, and connect with an array of new streaming end-point connections/targets, including Kafka.

Empowering Industries with Fast Data Solutions

Oracle Stream Analytics is designed for any industry, enabling the real-time, instant insight encompassing streaming infrastructures, Big Data, and the Internet-of-Things. No knowledge of real-time event-driven architecture or event stream processing application models is required.

Get Started with Oracle Stream Analytics

From creating supporting artifacts for a pipeline to publishing and deploying the SupplierAnalysis Pipeline, Oracle Stream Analytics offers comprehensive resources and support to ensure success in your real-time data processing endeavors.

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