Real-time data warehouse for a nationwide universal bank

Data-driven business transformation focused on real-time reporting capabilities, risk reduction and compliance.

Getin Noble Bank provides services to individual and business customers, focusing on retail banking. Faced with a necessary migration of its business-critical data to a new infrastructure, the bank decided to work with Goldenore. The selected technology, Oracle GoldenGate, helped solve urgent data access problems and maintain business continuity during infrastructure upgrades and migrations.


of stored and processed data


accurate reporting


infrastructure migration



  • Necessary migration to a new infrastructure put the bank at risk because of migration downtime ​
  • Possible negative consequences included:​ loss of data generated during migration downtime, ​ loss of profit associated with system unavailability ,​ noncompliance with regulations due to reporting problems


  • Risks eliminated with no-downtime migration​
  • Saving on costs associated with maintaining old infrastructure​
  • Uninterrupted access to data with a fully online replica​
  • Independent “source of truth” reporting environment ensuring accuracy and compliance ​


Implementing real-time data replication can solve current business continuity and data access problems, and be a starting point in a journey to an entirely data-driven enterprise.

Whether your business goal is optimizing infrastructure cost or transitioning to a more efficient data mesh architecture based on data fabric solutions, contact us for a free consultation, and let’s discuss different options.

Technology Partners


Oracle is the company that has created the world’s first – and only – autonomous database that helps to organise and secure client data. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides increased efficiency, security and cost savings.


Project Goals

  • Preparation of the environment for the implementation and maintenance of replication using Oracle GoldenGate for the banking sector
  • Implementation and maintenance of data replication mechanisms for the main Data Warehouse for unloading and ultimately migrating to the new platform
  • Construction of a new reporting environment independent of the central system (distributed architecture)


  • Expansion of the main Data Warehouse while maintaining stability of the existing environment
  • Possibility of sharing warehouse processing and reporting to new groups of users (data product at the Line of Business)
  • Independent reporting environment as “source of truth”
  • Full online replica: high-performance environment ultimatelly prepared for data warehouse migration

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