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Real-Time Data Replication to Power Mobile Application And Offload Databases

Our client is a Polish financial institution that planned to implement a new mobile application and reporting system. The company was looking for a new solution to be used with production data and to enable offloading production databases from reporting tasks.Before the implementation, the main base for reporting and analyzing client’s activities was a number of table views with implemented advanced business logic.The key issue of the company were delays and huge impact of reporting tasks on source production databases. Moreover, the client was unable to combine data from databases supported by different technologies.

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Project Scope

Implementation of Oracle GoldenGate solution and continuation of works related to the processes of supplying the Operational Data Store (ODS) system.

Construction of a highly efficient and highly available Operational Data Store environment using transactional real-time data replication.

Oracle GoldenGate real-time supply of data presented in the electronic banking application.


Implementation of new high-performance infrastructure supporting an advanced ODS system.

Implementation of dozens of data flows with advanced transformations for the purposes of supplying the ODS (Operational Data Store) system structures.

Implementation of a solution for data validation and data consistency.

Minimization of replication delays with transformations necessary for the mobile application.

Continued monitoring of the replication process for each record with full analysis of its structure enabled.


Preparation of ODS layer in real-time ODS database used by electronic banking systems and for reporting purposes.

Consolidation of data from MS SQL Server and Oracle in one place.

Improved customer service quality providing innovative access to the client's products.

Online reports refreshed every 2 seconds.

The architecture

Implementing a real-time data replica can not only solve current business continuity and data access problems but be a starting point in a journey to a fully data-driven enterprise.

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