Real-time data specialists

Who we are?

We consider data as the most important raw material of the 21st century. We approach data management in a comprehensive manner, given the full spectrum of data uses and flows. From front-end systems, which use on-line data, through efficient processing, management, maintenance, storage to archiving.

Our team is made up of specialists in real time data processing. As the most specialised company in Poland, we know the importance of quick access to up-to-date and appropriate quality data. We have the competences and solutions to provide our clients with real value.

It is the value that often determines their competitive advantage. We boast unique skills and experience confirmed by many companies operating on the Polish and European markets.

“We help our customers to manage their data as efficiently and securely as possible so that they can build their competitive advantage in business.”


Bartłomiej Mitera

Goldenore CEO


Our business is based on 6 pillars:




Guaranteed quality


Customer focus

Why real-time data?

We are witnessing an IT revolution in which data and information are treated as strategic resources.

The most important decisions are always made based on data. If data are not provided in real time, delivery times of such decisions is extended significantly, which increases costs on one hand, and entails lost benefits related to the lack of effective and accurate decisions. We believe that access to data in real time is becoming a must-have for every innovative company.