How to Unleash the Potential of Your Company’s Data with Logical Replication



March 22, 2022     10.00 a.m. CET

Duration: 45 min + 15 min Q&A

Webinar for companies from the following sectors:

Advanced data analytics is one of the top priorities of commerce today. Without an innovative reporting system, businesses are already losing too much today in the vast and competitive e-commerce and retail market.

Is your business prepared for the Data Culture Era? How can harnessing the potential of real-time data become a competitive advantage in the race for customers? Which technology solutions for commerce and logistics can facilitate this? And how do you reconcile all this with the requirements of the GDPR?


Whether you started your business not too long ago or you want to improve your data usage processes to grow your business, you’ll find this webinar useful. In just 45 minutes, we’ll provide you with practical tips for building a data culture in e-commerce and/or retail and logistics companies. You’ll learn how to reap tangible financial benefits while improving your customer satisfaction.

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A robust data culture based on deep analytics and real-time is the key to growing commerce

The developments brought about by the COVID pandemic have shifted the shopping experience towards online commerce and resulted in an exponential increase of data volumes, with a greater need to integrate classic in-store retail sales with online sales.

In 2021, the global ecommerce sales increased by 14% vs. 2020, and we all know that the trend for this and upcoming years is growing and irreversible. Are you sure your company has the right technology solutions in place to take it to the next level of data understanding and usage?

Strong competition and the ability to easily switch suppliers require online platform operators to offer customers an increasingly better shopping experience. Applications used at various stages of the sales process generate very large amounts of data from different sources: from customers, from the warehouse and store or from suppliers, as well as financial data, which are not fully integrated and synchronised. At the same time, you must make decisions virtually in real time.

The main goal of logical replication that we will present in the webinar, is to integrate all the data and all the reporting systems into one central analytics and reporting system, and – more importantly – to make it all work in real time.

Innovative logical replication capabilities

Implementation of an innovative technology that enables real-time data capture, integration, distribution, and analysis will provide your business with the following:


Dynamic pricing implementation: pricing, drafting proposals and creating promotions in real time based on current customer requirements, user profiles, abandoned purchase information and stock levels;

Fraud prevention: verification of transactions and immediate real-time risk assessment of decisions;

Dynamic and customised customer recommendations developed automatically that will increase their online engagement in real time during their buying process;

Online and in-store sales synergy: integration of sales data across stores and online platforms means you can better analyse customer behaviour, market trends and respond to changes during the shopping experience;

Dynamic real-time inventory updates;

Real-time data analysis: feeding your data warehouse in real time allows you to generate reports and analysis during an event;

Increased automation of company processes;

Business continuity: 24/7 operation with no downtime during technical maintenance;

Ability to feed AI/ML inference models with real-time data.

Logic replication will put your company on the path to making faster, more accurate decisions and numerous innovations. Implementation of logical replication will start a new phase of data usage for your business. It is a new approach to commerce in a post-pandemic world where a company’s strategic plan must be founded on innovative technology. During the webinar, we will show you how it works and what the implementation of this amazing solution involves.

At the webinar you will learn:
  • What logical replication is and why it is the key to building a data culture in modern commerce and logistics; 
  • What benefits it provides and how it differs from other solutions such as mirror replication;
  • How logical replication enables you to use test environments that are continuously fed with production data with advanced data masking; 
  • How logical replication complies with GDPR regulations; 
  • How to minimise the risk of systems failure due to implementing changes without prior performance testing; 
  • What its implementation process involves.
Who id the webinar intended for?
  • CEOs, CFOs, Managing Directors, Owners, Operations Managers, Customer Experience or Contact Centre Managers, Digital Operations Managers, Digital Services Managers, e-commerce, retail, transport and logistics companies;
  • Directors, managers and IT managers specialising in e-commerce, retail, transport and logistics, who want to use advanced and innovative IT tools dedicated to these sectors;
  • Employees responsible for database systems architecture in the e-commerce, retail and logistics sectors.

The webinar will be provided in the form of a presentation and a hands-on demonstration. We provided 15 minutes in the agenda for questions and answers.

Meet our speakers

Sebastian Gawęda

Sebastian Gawęda

Senior Solution Architect at Goldenore, graduate of AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków and the prestigious University of Wales. Engineer with over 16 years of experience in the areas of systems programming and design, business process development, data analytics and database replication systems. He holds the Oracle Database Administration 2019 Certified Professional, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2019 Certified Architect Professional, Oracle Data Integrator 12c Certified Implementation Specialist, and Oracle GoldenGate 12c Certified Implementation Specialist certifications.
He has participated in numerous projects using a variety of database technologies, including Oracle. On a daily basis, he supports his key customers with his knowledge and experience in project implementation.

Jarosław Morawski

Jarosław Morawski

Business Development Manager at Goldenore.

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