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Oracle GoldenGate software allowed Goldenore to build its one-of-a-kind competences in the European Market and its uniqueness.The Goldenore’s team was one of the first in the world to receive the Oracle GoldenGate 12c certification.

We are an Oracle’s leading partner in the Polish market and the only one company in Poland with such a wide experience in implementing this technology.

Our portfolio includes projects run for various sectors both, in our country and abroad by using GoldenGate in different business scenarios. As Oracle technology enthusiasts and real-time data evangelist, we offer to our clients our highly specialized services which allow them to build their competitive advantage.

We are real-time data architects.


Explore resources about our implementations

Along the years we have helped several companies to become real-time enterprises. Discover in our customer stories how we do it.

International Payment Processor

How an international payment processor uses real-time data replication to synchronise data between source systems and Big Data to automatically prevent frauds.

International Petrol Company

How a fuel market company used real-time data replication for seamless upgrades of database versions (without downtime or system unavailability).


National Gas Operator

Use of real-time data replication between Data Centres by a national critical public benefit infrastructure operator.

Polish Banking Institution

The use of real-time data replication to power the CRM system and the Front Office for an international financial institution – one of the banking leaders in Poland and Europe.

International Bank

The main goal of the implementation was to transfer the existing logic that creates views to the newly created data structures and their power supply.

Insurance Guarantee Fund

The use of real-time data replication to power the Central Data Warehouse and auxiliary systems for the organization supervising the insurance market.


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Leader on Polish market in Oracle GoldenGate

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