Real-Time data availability

Analytics & Reports



  • Create an innovative data management system to enable and support activities in the field of business intelligence (BI), in particular analytics
  • Provide a solution solely for querying and performing analytics on large volumes of historical data
  • Integrate data from multiple sources, such as application log files and transnational applications

Project Objectives

  • Construct a highly efficient and highly available Operational Data Store environment using transnational real-time replication
  • Implement the Golden Gate solution and continue works related to the processes of supplying the ODS system
  • Ensure real-time data supply via Oracle GoldenGate for data presented in the electronic banking applications


  • ODS layer in real time
  • Consolidation of data from MS SQL Server and Oracle in one place
  • Remodelling and combining data in ODS significantly facilitates the implementation of electronic banking components and reports
  • ODS database used by electronic banking systems and for reporting
  • Online reports – data refreshed within up to 2 sec

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