JAVA application monitoring



An added value for every client is the optimisation of their IT systems. In cooperation with our partner, Flopsar, we provide our clients with a solution that is unmatched on the market in functionality or price and offers monitoring and diagnosing applications based on Java.

A great advantage of Flopsar is a very short implementation time, precise information about the operations performed by the monitored system and a unique, efficient user interface. Flopsar Suite enables reporting and anticipating problems before they affect users’ work.

The use of the Flopsar Suite allows, among other things, to:


  • reduce problem analysis time by more than 90%,
  • reduce the number of problems from several dozen to 2–3 monthly,
  • better cooperate with suppliers,
  • control software quality throughout the entire production cycle,
  • control software quality throughout the entire production cycle,

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