IT infrastructure

Goldenore provides a full range of services and solutions for server infrastructure, mass storage and archiving systems. We offer to build and grow your data centre, and provide all the related data consolidation, virtualisation and migration services. Our range of products includes service management, IT consulting and maintenance of the client’s infrastructure.

We provide comprehensive cooperation in the field of integration of IT systems in business and technological layers. We help to design, deliver, implement and maintain the client’s infrastructure environments.


We can optimise your infrastructure to ensure its high accessibility and security. We also offer assistance in service management and IT consulting for the environments used at your company.


Our range of services and solutions includes:


  • networks,
  • servers,
  • mass storage,
  • data archiving systems and related applications.


Maintaining the client’s IT environment


We also specialise in maintaining the client’s IT environment, both in terms of hardware and software. Our comprehensive range of professional maintenance services is aimed at ensuring continuous and stable functioning of the application environment, which consists of: servers, operating systems, mass storage, databases, software tools, backup systems and virtualisation systems.


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