Data orchestration is crucial when an organisation receives data in real time, regardless of the device, tool or technology with which it may interact and in which it engages. It helps address the challenges of data fragmentation, organisational silos, integration of technologies that do not speak the same language.

We specialise in Oracle and PostgreSQL databases. We design, implement, migrate, orchestrate, integrate, monitor and maintain database environments, providing support and continuity of processing for the most critical, extensive and complex business-critical applications.

Another key process is data integration, in which data from multiple sources are sent to one centralised location, often a data warehouse. The end location must be flexible enough to handle potentially large quantities of many different types of data.

Goldenore’s scalable data integration architecture


Goldenore data integration services are based on the most efficient and available technological tools. We offer organisations a scalable data integration architecture that enables them to extract data, transform them in any manner and load them into any system, which supports faster time-to-value and reducing IT risk.

Our complete data integration solution supplies trusted data from various sources to support the business data pipeline for data operations departments. The integrated solution provides many options related to data quality, from profiling, standardisation, matching and enrichment to active data quality monitoring.


Our competences are based on:


  • designing the architecture of database environments,
  • administration of databases,
  • monitoring of databases,
  • performance tuning,
  • patch management,
  • data orchestration,
  • data integration,
  • backup and recovery management,
  • database upgradation and migration.


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