What makes us different

Our values


We all take part in the digital transformation where data and information become strategic resources. By focusing on this extremely important area, we use the latest, the best and most innovative solutions available on the market.

This is confirmed, among others, by the fact that we were the first company in the world to be awarded the Oracle GoldenGate 12c certificate. As real time architects we know and see more. We combine available technologies and adapt them to the individual needs of our clients. We provide them with solutions to build a competitive advantage in their markets.

We like challenges

0.2 ms

We feed data from 12 different source systems to CRM applications, providing 0.2 ms access time to real data.

Non stop

We provide database upgrades for your billing system without interrupting business processes and losing revenue.


We build an online-fed Operational Data Store (ODS), available for electronic banking applications.

1 sec

We enable feeding your AntiFraud system based on BIG DATA analyses from Sofia to Munich within 1 sec.


Goldenore’s Clients: Bank Pekao, UFG, Gaz System

We provide world’s top quality services. We have had many success stories, particularly in the field of real-time data integration. The high quality of our services and our professional approach have gained Goldenore great trust among its clients. This is the most important value and asset for us, thanks to which we can grow at such a dynamic pace.


Nowadays, the security of data processing and guaranteed 24/7 data availability are of key importance. This is the only way to do business effectively, to grow and to build your competitive advantage.

Therefore, security and access to data is extremely important for us and our clients. We offer solutions and a full range of services thanks to which, in case of any incident, access to data, data confidentiality (anonymisation, encryption) and integrity are possible and achievable.

We take utmost care to help minimise the risk of data loss and to ensure that information is kept confidential.

We know how to help you manage your data processes effectively, starting from optimal and efficient access, through data processing and transformation, to recovery (backup) and archiving systems.

Our Team

The secret to Goldenore is its team! Our team of enthusiasts whose knowledge, experience, creativity, problem-solving skills and diverse personalities are key factors for the company’s success.

We hire young people – who are open and curious about the world – and we develop their talents. We are committed to the continuous growth of our employees through numerous trainings. Our team will overcome any obstacles, find solutions for you and ensure exceptional results.


We are 100% committed to providing professional and innovative services.


90% of our team boast over 5 years of experience.


We employ 40 engineers.